#BlueChristmas Campaign

Drinking water well (Senegal)

Total funds achieved by #BlueChristmas Campaign in favor of UNICEF is 4,500 Euros.

The #BlueChristmas Campaign, launched last December by the Spanish subsidiary of Veolia Water Technologies in favor of UNICEF, has achieved the participation of nearly 3,000 people. As promised, the Company will donate 1 euro for each participant.

Additionally, the Company will contribute with an extra amount to achieve a total donation of 4,500 Euros. This amount will be used for the purchase of Kits of water and hygiene that UNICEF will send where they are most needed.

These kits are essential to avoid the decease of children due to different illnesses such as diarrhea in the event of natural disasters. These kits allow collecting, treating and storing water in safe conditions for a family of 5 members.